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Cruise packages offer at least limited stays in departure cities, and depending on the cruise destination, more elaborate packages may be available to turn a cruise into an extensive getaway complete with resort accommodations, guided tours, and visits to local attractions. Whether on land or on sea, you can experience the luxury and convenience of our cruise packages, making your vacation truly unforgettable.

Be sure to be out on deck as the shores of Turkey are sighted over the ship's bow. There are few cities that make a more dazzling impression when approached from the sea. A dreamlike vision of domes and minarets shimmers on the horizon and, as you glide into the harbor, the legendary city of Istanbul slowly fills up half the sky.

The only city astride two continents, Istanbul has dominated the Bosphorus Strait for 25 centuries. Now enjoy what this city can give you... Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Chora Church, Hippodrome, Underground Cistern and more... (Add ons are available for Cappadocia, Epheus and Bodrum)

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