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We are to introduce custom tailored unique special interest luxury tours in Turkey, privately for small groups to enhance our guests’ Turkey experience with the participation of special lecturers, university professors and celebrated local personalities.

It is a truly fantastic experience to discover Turkey with its rich mosaic of religions, cultures and unique archeological treasures dating back from the Paleolithic Ages to the Greco Romans and the Ottomans, with now the present day Turkey vibrating with joys of life, as an “emerging market” of the world, at the crossroads of the East and the West, rich with its artistic traditions, the cultural diversity, each region with its own historical characteristics, special cuisine, instrumental local music and folkloric dances, its religious background in Christianity or its Jewish Heritage in history or the mystical Sufi order of Islam with her special flora or fauna and bird paradises that are endemic to Turkey, capturing fantasy of the world’s most sophisticated photographers.

Each is subject to one of our uniquely memorable Special Interest Tour Programs in Turkey. (available upon specified request)

Special Interests...
Adventure Travel
A unique memory and fun. Either combining with different type of interest program or specifically  planned with reasonably paced itineraries.
Archeology Tours
Dig the history, shovel the knowledge. This is only way of describing the archeological travel.
Art & Culture
Designed for those who just love to look to appreciate and capture the beauty.
Family Holidays
Specifically designed family tours offering fun and bonding as a family.
City Escape
The city is set to transform your valuable time to unforgettable breakthrough.
Pre & Post Cruise Packages
The packages been designed especially for those guests before or after their cruises.

We specialize in private escorted, tailor made luxury travel to Turkey.

Nothing is designed with a view to re-sale. We only create the best experiences because we do them for you.

We are very proud with our philosophy and always work with the view of providing only the best. We design your travel according to your preferences such as duration, type of accommodation, what to include and.... in order to color your time during your visit.

The above interest section is not prepared and ready on the shelf. We do sensitively create your travel just like a tailor.


Why Travel in Style?
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - George Carlin
Luxury travel is more a state of mind. The reality is your imagination which must have no end with proper planning. Luxury travel isn't solely about the destination, is mostly about the service we offer and the way we offer.

The aim here is to turn our clients' vacation to more than a memory. Why they go for such a trip is not only for the hotels, yachts, etc we use as a tool but for getting to know the environment, culture and people.

The important thing is to figure out what our client will ask next so that we will be prepared with many alternatives to meet their requirement in advance.




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